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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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thank you for joining us, the news continues next, lye from london. why a senior commander has become the latest member to speak out against the groups new leader. hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london. >> this country and it's people, it is not for violence, so why shouldn't they be coming over in the first place? >> we have a special report of the frosty reception received by some migrants travelling from france to the u.k. as the number of people threing fighting in yemen p toes 100,000, will the u.n. lan to stop the fighting gain
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acceptance? and. >> where the commandser the granderson of the pilot who dropped a bomb on hiroshima. hello there, and thank you for joining us. there appears to be growing tense within the afghan taliban. he rejects the new leader he is the latest member of the group to speak out against the appointment. >> the he is the cause of this unity. a close family is not happy, and they have left the taliban movement. the trial leader of normal people, especially the family, which is very
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respected they should have been informed about the election, he has chosen himself as a leader, elected him shows he has been appointed by a outsider, and they wanted to impose -- that is the reason for this unity. taliban commander meeting jennifer glass sent us this update from kabul. >> he is considered by afghan intelligence as a third most powerful taliban leader and it shows how deep the split is here. over the new leadership, he objections to the election as the successor, to mula omar says that he believes that it was outsiders that dictated that, and he believes the new leader should be decided from inside. all of this comes as peace talks were to be held. it was the prospect that started really highlighting the divisions in the leadership, and it was mol
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la's group that actually started raising questioning as the prospect of peak talks bake evidence earlier this summer. and that of course prompting the question that mol la only bar was dead. they say he may have died as long as two years ago. these splits make the peace talks much more difficult, because they would like to talk to a united taliban, a taliban with a brad base of support of the fighters across the country, and of course it comes at a difficult time many the heighting season, at the height of the fighting season. taliban fighters in the north, south, east, taking quite a bit of lan, and giving the afghan security force quite a difficult fight. >> 2015 is on track to become one of the deadliest years yet for migrants crossing the mediterranean sea. that's according to the international organization for migration. which says that 2,000 people
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have died since january, and that's about 400 more than the same period last year. approximately 188,000 migrants have been rescued, and the numbers are likely to grow as more try to cross during the warmer summer months. once they reach they then try to go to northern europe, between three and 5,000 people are currently camping in largely conditions hoping to then get across the english channel to the u.k. al jazeera lauren lee is following the story from dover, the closest u.k. town to calla just over there. watched now being watched with a suspicious gaze, determined to keep people out. who might be hiding inside. dawned by a british media seemingly possessed of a rage against all migrants, the
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political class and popular opinion here have decided that by and large the stow aways are almost all up to no good. you hear it everywhere you go. >> thousands would come if they would, for the free houses. they say they don't want to work, but i don't think that's the case. >> why should they be coming over in the first place. >> it stopped mattering that most of it is not true. it got stuck there not because of migrants but by a strike at the ferry port. those who try to explain to the public that almost all of those in calley are likely to be legitimate refugees have had their voices drowned out. >> more army, more fences is just not going to work, because that deterrents is based on the illusion that they are economic migrants when the reality is that they
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are fleeing for their lives and the u.k. and the roast of europe does not to take responsible for that. >> the prime minister has spoken of a swarm of migrants coming by the thousands. well, the local thousand has a number for those accompanied children it has to look after, in total it stands at 639, not this year, but ever. >> i met a young man whose mother and father were murdered in front of him, and he kept running. i spoke to a young man whose village was attacked and he left and doesn't know to this day if members of his family is alive. these are young people that have had very traumatic experiences. and really do need our help. >> and so where are they? the taxi driver said he was here. a road locals would not drive down, in fact the only foreigners here are from slovakia, so they are free to live and work in the u.k. >> i couldn't blame the lady
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next door, to the person trying to cross the border coming over from africa. who has risked their life with their kids. it is all a big mess. >> never mind all that, this says the government is the land of milk and honey ripe for exploitation, and the majority agree, the mentality even if much of whats ha been said is a fairy tail. >> the u.n. refugee agency says 100,000 people have fled fighting in yemen over the past four months. the agency says it only has a fifth of the funds that it needs to cope with the number of people leaving. two civilian death toll has now risen to nearly 2,000, and more than 4,000 others have been injured. >> well the u.n. envoy to yemen says the plan to end the four month conflict is gaining acceptance among the warring parties. it comes after antihouthis fighters recaptured the biggest military base.
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al jazeera reports. >> h yemen's largest military base is now under the control of progovernment forces. the base was seized from houthis rebels and forces loyal to former president. forces who call themselves the distance fighters used air support, tanks and armored vehicles provided be i the saudi led alliance. >> the victory is a turning point. the southern resistence was able to manage themselveses enough to -- in a semimilitary fashion. to gain this victory. >> anti-houthis fighters say this victory brings them closer to advancing. the scene of some of the fiercest fights. advances seem to have void the government in exile, as they seem to be pushed on the defensive. >> without the implementation we cannot initiate a
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political process that include houthis and militias after they have committed all these crimes. >> it has been used by soft forces as well, it's capture won't be the game changer they want it to be, the union of opposition to the houthis who call themselves southern resistence, and they don't seem convinced to push further north the resistence also are adamant that they will not venture into northern territories by north, i mean north of the borders of 1990, which is. it is going to be a task for now the yemen government to actually raise some sort of resistence in these northern provinces from it's own people. as the war continues it has dropped in value by nearly
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20% that is didn'ted to cause high prizes to soar even further. the population faces shortages of food, fuel, and power, and the most pressing task is to provide much needed aid to the millions still stranded amido intense fighting. >> al jazeera. >> there's been a desperate plea for international help, as the government struggles to deal with the worse flooding the country has faced in decades. this may look like a river but it is one area hit by floods. a stream overthrow intoed this village. the villages are dealing with the con wednesdays without government support. this situation is not good for us, every day we need to pay for a boat just to get out of our house and buy groceries.
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a nearby monostirras opened it's doors monks are trying to support this group of mainly women and children, with the help of private donors and civil society organizations. >> i am very sad for the people, because the government does nothing for them. government neglects flooded communities. it is not good. it's been the same for 11 years. and unless we get more donations we will run out of supplies in ten days. government aircraft are dropping supplies. it is hard to know just how badly people have been effected here as phone lines are down and roads washed away. first we focus on food, we have prepared boxes of rice, drinking water, instant noodles. people have to collect and share them. >> 200,000 people have been effected across 12 of the 14 regions. their homes are flooded and they can't access normal services.
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and there are concerns that rivers may burst their banks leaving even more people vulnerable. >> children bear the brunt of the consequences of any emergency, what we expect is that they could be distressed due so the displacement, we know that the children have also lost their routine, they are also areas -- these are also areas with relatively high rates of malnutrition, so the flooding situation can really exacerbate those conditions. >> aid groups and the u.n. say the government is best prepared to deal with this disaster than it was in 2008. when cyclone left 140,000 people dead or missing. but in this crisis say they they are not getting the help they need. care line malone, al jazeera. >> and flooding in central china has killed eight people, according to state media. flash floods hit a valley near the city on monday, after the area recorded it's heaviest rainfall in three decades.
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hundreds of emergency workers are scouring the area for bodies. flooding also wash roads away in the area. still to come here, fighting fire with fire. the race to protect thousands of homes in california. and the corruption case against south african politician is thrown out of court.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. stories on al jazeera.he top the number of people that have died attempting to reach europe by the mediterranean has now surpassed 2,000. on tuesday more than 300
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people were brought ashore by the italian coast guard. a senior taliban commander has told al jazeera that he rejects the new leader. he is the latest member of the groups higher ranks that speak out against the appointment. and nigh mar has made a formal appeal for international aid after the worst flooding in decades. >> a corruption case against south african opposition leader has been thrown out of court he had been facing charges of racketeering and money laundering. >> welcome words for julius. from the judge hearing his trial for corruption, racketeering and money laundering. the opposition leader and two businessmen were implicated in illegally obtaining a government contract, worth $4 million but one of the accused was ill and wasn't in court for the presumption of the trial, which has already
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been delayed several times. the judge refused another postponement and state prosecutors didn't want to have him tried separately, so the case was dismissed. >> i gave the state a practical option. they did not use it. why they did not use it, because they do not have a case against me. they want post moanment, postponement after postponement, so i become a citizen in h south african with a permanent dark cloud over my head. >> the state prosecutor say they are considering their options. >> it is not a pretrial, where the state can of poe -- with a few to authenticate the matter. >> the supporters aren't concerned by the legalities they are just happy he is a freeman. >> now that his free from
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court, he is expected to return to parliament this week, under national assembly reconvenes it is there he has been a thorn in the side of the ruling party and it's leadership. >> with corruption charges out of the way, he is likely to press on with trying to force president jacob zuma to answer corruption allegations being made against him. al jazeera. >> pakistan is execute add man on death row for murder despite appeals by international human rights groups. the family said that he was a minor when he was arrested in 2004, for killing a child and that he was tortured into confessing. nicole johnston reports now. >> he was hanging just before dawn, his family traveled to be there, still insisting he was 14 years old when he was convicted.
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>> tell me, did i get justice? i am older than him, guess how old i am, he was 2 1/2 years younger than me. >> he has fought for his life, human rights groups say he is a minor, when he was sentenced to death for killing a seven-year-old boy. and had been tortured to confess. however, a government investigation found he was 23 years old when arrested. pakistan lifted the six year moratorium on the death penalty in december last year. after the pakistani taliban attacks an army run school, and killed 132 students. it shot the government into action, it declares people on death row for terrorism related crimes would be executed. however, a reuters investigation found most of the people who had been hanged were convicted murderers, and only one in 6 has been found guilty of crimes that linked to terrorism. >> our question is, are these terrorists being executed or are they ordinary convicts
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being executed. 99% of those being execute redirect examination those that were convicted already on death row who have already served 13 to 14 years. many support the death penalty. >> it is kilt to say to end a death penalty, oarages tis system, our prison system, our society at large, it doesn't have that system of reformation reforming the criminals because once you are a criminal, it is hardly -- you become a criminal there are more than 8,000 people facing the death penalty, over 190 people have been hanged. this places pakistan in the top three countries in the world for excuses along with saudi arabia and iran. this year's been a significant drop in afghanistan. they argue one of the reasons for this is the fear of being
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executed. the legal system is too weak and corrupt, to protect it from being abused. ny coal johnston. >> let's go to plantain lay sha now. although the countries anticorruption watchdog has cleared of any wrongdoing, the origins of the deposit remain you can clear. reports from call loo lumpur. >> the headquarters of the news paper and magazine, it is all quiet since the government slap add three month band on all it's publications. it's been investigating a money trail, apparently funds from the finance minister allegedly ended up in the bank account of the prime minister to the tune of $700 million. they are demanding clarification of the government's decision, they filed for a judicial review, and were unable to comment at
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this time. >> it was the wall street journal that reported it has seen documented implicating him. he has been fire fighting the accusations leveled at him, yet when questioned by his own deputy, he decided to fire them both last tuesday, in a major cabinet reshuffle. for opposition parliament such moves are drawing national concern. his criticism of the government handling of this investigation, has parred him from leaving the country. >> i have not been charged or requested to assist in any of the investigations clearly poised to an act of desperation, in an attempt to intimidate, the prime minister and his handling of this. >> the actions of the government are reminiscence of the 1980s when several reputable newspapers were shut down. >> i think it is a serious indication of a failure to
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engage in a healthy democratic way. the government are headaching their position clear. >> because of the nature of the allegations made by them, it could undermine the nation, and the stability of the economy. we believe that a temporary suspension of the publication is the best way to go pending an investigation both by the taye government, and also by domestic investigator and authorities here malaysia has just over two years before the next general election, in a time for the government to recover and restore faith in the public. but more issues like this will only reinforce president bushes, that the party that's be been in power since independence may no longer be trusted. al jazeera, kuala lumpur. >> rubbish is proving a major
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headache for senegal despite a ban on plastic bags being introduced. religious leaders are now stepping in to help with the drive to save the environment. it wassen always like this, he never understood how people got to asuccessors come to this garbage. how they pray five time as day, also throw their garbage here, polluting what was once a may sure reserve. >> any form of pollution and aggression towards the environment is a sin and clearly forbidden, people need to be reminded of this. >> to reduce this, members of parliament voted allow banning plastic bags all together. carrying one of these is now illegal, and throwing a plastic bag on the streets can lead to a six month jail sentence, and a $300,000
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fine. but despite these harsh penalties the law is still largely ignored. if we get rid of these bags what will i use for my customers. we need an alternative, and there isn't one yet. >> and so all habits remain, people continue to use and discard them. dumping them even into the ocean. it will take thousands of years before they disintegrate. >> there's so much pollution, local officials say they can't clean up and enforce the law all on their own, so they have asked the help of local religious leaders to help them change people's behavior, offering preaches that emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment in islam. he is making fights pollution his jihad. whether in mocks or outside to old and young, he he
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incites young muslims to take care of the environment. >> as muslims it is our duty to protect the environment. >> taking responsibility, for the waste we create. it may sound trivial, but for this it is a global issue. a call for local action, and the small change in habits. he believes at stake is not just protecting nature, it's about saving what connects us to the spiritual world. al jazeera. fire crews in california have managed to build a buffer zone to protect thousands of homes protected by wild fire. more than 13,000 people have already witness forced to leave their homes. the fire now named rocky fire has quadrupled in size. more land is expected to be
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left devastated. >> thursday marks 70 years since the u.s. nuclear attack on japan. al jazeera has a special series of reports leading up to the anniversary. in the first al jazeera john hen do you know traveled to the air force base in the state of missouri, there he met the granderson of the pilot who dropped the bomb, a man who himself is now in charge of a nuclear fleet. brigadier general went from the cockpit to the most dangerous plane on earth to the commanders office, it is a familiar path in his family. >> 70 years ago his grandfather, unleashed the age of nuclear weapons when he opened the bombay doors of a plane named for his mother. it dropped a payload that devastated hiroshima. >> there was nothing down
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there what was a black boiling mes, and that cloud up above it was just tumbling andle aring. you could see the energy. the younger ticketses says his grandfather never doubted it. >> if my grandfather was here today, he would look at you and say, i had a job to do. i never lost one night sleep after that mission. not one. and the reason is not because i am a warmonger, it was because i knew that this mission that i was ordered to do was effective in bringing this war to an end. in the long run saving hundreds of thousands of lives. >> that is today's nuclear pilots carry on. >> we realize every day our job is to to show up, and provide safe, secure, nuclear deterrents to our allies and obviously to deter those bad
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people around the world, that look to do us harm. >> the end of the cold war means fewer command centers. >> this last door, the main purpose is to protect the capsule from a nuclear burst. >> but bombers remain as much a part of the arsenal as ever. >> the planes have changed a lot, but the mission remains the same, global deterrents and the redness to carry out an order that even have hopes will never be given again. the younger tibbets said if faced with an order like the one his grandmother was given, he would ensure that they carry it out. >> as long as nuclear weapons exist, we will maintain, a safe, security, effective and credible nuclear force. so that if that demand comes from our leadership, with reredke. >> ready to go, but far from eager.
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you can find out much more about that story and everything else we have been covering on our website, our top story the migrant crisis we will have more on that in the news hour in half an hour. if you have these symptoms please immediately seek treatment. >> new york city mayor is delivering that urgent message now that the outbreak of legionnaires disease has climbed. the news has gone from bad to worse, one out of control blaze just jumped the containment line force new evacuations. and a circuit in new hampshire a tent collapsed killed a fathe